Snow, snow go away…

Feb 16

Snow, snow go away, come back another day… or should I say year.

As much as I love winter and the white fluffy stuff I'm really getting a bit tired of it. Within the last 10 days we have had not one, but three snow storms… two of which dumped 14-15 inches of snow on us each and guess what, within the next week or so we could be faced with our 4th, which is being called a possible "Major Event". I really hope all the early forecast models are incorrect and this one misses us, mainly because I'm not sure where we could put another batch of snow. Thankfully, where I live we have off street parking but the parking lot is nearly at capacity with piled up snow. I quite honestly have no idea where it's going to go. Well, I take that back, I know where it's going to go but where are we going to park our cars. I say we now start to think warm thoughts and hope spring comes quickly, then we can all move onto more pleasant past-times then shoveling this white stuff.

Until Later…

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