4th of July Vacation

Jul 18

On Friday July 2nd, Andrew and I embarked on our first vacation together. We went to my uncle’s cabin and tent camped. We made it to the cabin around 5 P.M. set up the tent, relaxed and waited for the arrival of my parents, Erick, Cindy and the dogs. After their arrival around 11 that night, unloading all the vehicles and tripping over 2 dogs who were in excitement overload mode and running amuck we retired to our tent for the evening. Now, I have never tent camped. Cabin yes, tent no. The temperature got down in to the 50’s that first night and I was absolutely freezing despite the -30 degree sleeping bag we were using. Saturday we just hung out, did some target shooting (Andrew still has a bruise on his arm from shooting Erick’s shotgun) took dad’s jeep for several drives top down, doors off (Extremely dusty drive but lot’s of fun!) Erick set up a fire pit and we made S’mores over the fire and had a good time joking around, telling stories and reminiscing while the people at a neighboring cabin set off some pretty good fireworks. Sunday, Dad, Erick, Cindy, Andrew and I left the dogs at the cabin with mom and went to Lymon Lake for some sun and swimming. The water was cold but refreshing and Cindy and I left the lake with sunburns. We also went to the PA Grand Canyon and took some pictures. Erick decided he wanted to set off fireworks Sunday night so we stopped and picked some up. They looked pretty cool until one of them which had to be nailed to a tree or pole and spins decided to come off the post and chase Cindy down the hill! I never laughed so hard in my life! Monday morning the humidity decided to descend on the area and made packing everything up a challenge. Needless to say I was never so happy to return to civilization in my life. We got home, turned on the air in the bedroom, unloaded and crashed. Andrew was able to go the whole weekend without his iPhone, laptop and netbook. The only technology he had was his Kindle and he lived to tell the story.

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