Common Sense anyone?

Aug 18

Why do people have no common sense??? Really, is it that hard to comprehend???? Let me lay it out for you. If you own a gun and have it in your household with a child or someone who can gain access it for god's sake, MAKE IT SAFE!!!!!

I've heard enough stories lately of someone's child getting a hold of their gun and shooting themselves or someone else that something needs to be done. Now, I'm sure people will say that they have a valid reason to keep their gun loaded, and I don't condone them at all. Hell, I keep mine loaded most of the time, but then I don't have a child in my household and its under lock and key when I don't have it within arms reach.

How can people safely have a gun and children in the same household? The answers are very simple… Keep your ammo in a different location then the actual firearm OR if you need to keep the two together at least get a gun lock (they're free if you go to your local sheriff's department) AND USE IT. If you're using it for personal protection at night, keep it out of view and put it away/lock it up if you don't carry it with you during the day. It takes just seconds to lock it up or put the firearm and ammo in separate locations, why not actually do it? There's no reason for you not too, unless you want want to loose a valued member of your family.

I'm going to back and repeat myself; people need to use common sense. Children are extremely curious and will gravitate towards things which are a mystery to them, which one of them could be your gun. Most see Mommy or Daddy with it and want to be just like them, this ends in tragedy way too often. I say you need to take the mystery out of it. Let them see it, let them hold it (Of course after you have unloaded it and make it safe) and teach them about it. A little education can and will go a long way. I know for a fact that when we add children to our household they will have the knowledge that firearms are not a bad/mystical things and they will be holding them and learning the correct operation of them when they're old enough to apply that knowledge.

People need to think, use common sense, and that knowledge is power. If you can't or won't do that you don't need to have a firearm in your household. 

Until Later…

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