Pa Deadly Force Laws… changes are coming.

Oct 14

Tonight, the people of Pennsylvania are one step closer to getting an overhaul of the laws which say when they can and can not use deadly force. Currently, Pennsylvania law states that if you are inside your residence or place of business you do not need to attempt to retreat before you have the right to use deadly force to prevent one or more of the following:

  1. Death
  2. Serious bodily injury
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat

In any other situation you must attempt to retreat before you can use deadly force. Also, the law as its currently written does not provide any civil immunity to someone who uses justifiable deadly force.  Basically this means that the aggressor or their family can sue the person who used justifiable deadly force in civil court and attempt to get a judgement against them. This effectively turns the agressor into the victim and the person who used the deadly force the guilty party.

What happened this evening is the Pa State Senate added an amendment known as "Castle Doctrine" to an existing State House Bill and will be sending that back to the House for their approval. Barring any last minute issues with the State House, which is unlikely because they passed HB40 (their version of Castle Doctrine) and the original house bill its attached to, this bill and the amendment will be on the Gov's desk for his signature.

In a nutshell what the proposed Castle Doctrine law does is remove the need to attempt to retreat if you are somewhere you legally can be and it also provides civil immunity against being sued by the aggressor or their families. It leaves everything else in tact, including when you can use force and when you can not. Basically NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED!!!

People have toted this as a "gun" bill and have tried to stop it with a lot of falsehoods and other poison amendments. But I need to ask, where in the above paragraphs did I ever mention a gun? If you don't believe me, look up the proposed law for yourself. What this law does is protects anyone who uses any type of deadly force to stop a threat, no matter how it is stopped. Heck, this law will protect someone who used a dull pencil to stop a threat.

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