People need to learn

Oct 26

People need to learn how to freaking drive or get the hell off the roads!!!!!!

Case in point is my drive home tonight on I-81 south. I was coming up on the 581 split when I decided to get over for some dumb ass who was so far up my ass I couldn’t see his hood (I was doing 80, by the way) and when I got over he flew past me flipping me the bird. Ok, not deserved but hey, let him exercise his fingers a bit.

The next thing really got me and is the main focus of this blog, I was in the center lane minding my own business when some lady (and I use that term loosely) decided she wanted to come into my lane. Not only didn’t she look but kept coming when I was laying on my horn. She finally got the hint and got back over… Only to do it again 30 seconds later. I once again Laid on the horn and this time hit the gas to get away from her. She then proceeded to get behind me and tailgate me through the split and then pass me on the right all the while flipping off. At this point my blood is boiling but for once my head decided to cool down and I just let her pass. This, I thought, would just stop everything and she’d be in her merry way. I dropped to 70 to gain some distance and continued in my lane. She then drops her speed to 65ish and straddled both lanes weaving as to not let me pass. This went on (with two 18 wheelers behind us) until she ducked off at the Mechanicsburg exit. At least after that the rest of my drive was uneventful.

Just a quick note to the kind lady who did this… think before you drive next time, people can and do die because of the stupidity you displayed today. I hope someday your actions aren’t repeated and you, god forbid, kill someone. As far as you, you can gladly step off the face of this earth and I wouldn’t care less.

Until later…

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