Tis the season?????

Nov 20

Well, its time for my yearly rant about the holiday season…

It comes earlier and earlier each and every year thanks in part (or all) of our big retail outlets wanting more money to line their pockets with. Ok, I can sorta understand why they want the money, with the recession going on but why must I walk into a store before Halloween and see Santa’s workshop all set up and ready to go???? Really now, lets think this through here… you are a full 60 days and 2 Holidays early.

To add into the mix, now the towns in the Central PA area are going all jolly for the holiday just a bit too early. Case in point, Downtown Carlisle and Mechanicsburg. Carlisle has their snowflakes and holly with lights on the light poles and Mechanicsburg has their Christmas trees  lit and hung on their light poles. I like the touch, but not before Thanksgiving. Lets get real here, one Holiday at a time here. At least the Christmas music on the Radio hasn’t started yet… or has it? Frankly, I’d be surprised if it hasn’t but I’m not going to go and search it out just yet.

Now, you all are probably saying I’m just a big Grinch with his heart two sizes too small or Scrooge saying “Bah! Humbug!” but let me assure you I’m full of the Christmas spirit, just when its due… after Thanksgiving.

I say we all just take it one holiday at a time and remember the reason for the season.

Until Later…

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