Merry Christmas 2010!

Dec 26

It is 10:15 pm Christmas day and we finally got home after a whirlwind day.  For Andrew and I, Christmas started quite early.  We spent the night at my parent’s house and I was awake at 5:30 which is an ungodly hour for me to be awake on a day off.  Not long after that, the rest of the household woke up, some with the help of a few tennis balls being thrown at bedroom doors.  There was the usual Christmas morning madness, dogs running amok, cats trying to play with wrapping paper, etc and then I was handed 2 cards from Andrew.  The first one was the usual mushy card, the second one said that it was my last present and that it was hidden somewhere on the tree.  I went over to find it and after a few minutes of searching, Andrew came over to help and turned me around to face him, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I was never so speechless in my life.  My entire family knew of the plan and helped him pull it off.  I stood there in shock and amazement crying my eyes out to the point where I could barely put the ring on my finger.  My parents both got teary and my sister in law, Cindy recorded the whole thing on video.  Later, I was informed that this has been planned since October and almost my ENTIRE family and then some knew about all this!  Cindy was even looking at wedding gowns online!  Yeah, my family is crazy!  We then packed everything up and left for the next stop on our Christmas day excursion which was Andrew’s parent’s house to exchange Christmas gifts and then it was off to our 3rd and final stop on this busy but wonderful Christmas day.  We had dinner at Andrew’s cousin’s house with his family and everyone was shocked at our announcement.  We had a wonderful day spending time with both our families and all the family pets but now we’re finally home and are able to relax.  I still can’t believe all this played out the way it did.  I keep looking at my engagement ring to make sure it’s real and still there lol.  I hope you all had a very merry and blessed Christmas and remember that Jesus is THE reason for this wonderful season.

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