2011 Resolutions

Jan 03

Yesterday I blogged about my 2010 year in review so tonight I turn away from the past and look towards the future. I’m not a person to normally make New Year Resolutions, however I think if I set some goals for myself I’ll have something to strive towards as this year progresses.

Goal #1… Finally win the battle of the bulge and have it in a full retreat by the end of the year.

Goal #2... Get out and enjoy the great outdoors more then I already do.

Goal #3… Set aside one weekend a month and make it technology free. Step back and enjoy the finer points of life without the constant distractions of the technical world.

Goal #4… Move my personal business from the shelf and onto one of the burners. Strive to grow it into something which could become my primary source of income in years to come.

Goal #5… Keep mindful of the stresses I’ll encounter in the upcoming year with the planning of our wedding and remember that this is the last time I’ll ever be doing this so stop sweating the small stuff.

Goal #6… Blog more then I have in the past. This is going to be an exciting year and I want to keep it chronicled for the future.

I know some of them may not seem like resolutions at all, or they seem out of place, but hey I’m not going to write something down which I don’t think I’ll be able to do.

Until Later…

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