She Said Yes…

Jan 01

As you guys probably know, I asked my wonderful girlfriend Jennifer to be my wife on Christmas morning. As expected, she said yes (well, actually a nod of her head caught on video which she did confirm later as a yes) so now we’re in the very early stages of planning a wedding.

A little behind the big event, I’ve been planning this day for quite a while and kept it a secret until the beginning of October when I let her brother and sister-in-law in on my plans. Needless to say they were thrilled at my idea and Cindy had a bit of fun poking and prodding at me up until the big day. I let her parents in on the plans the beginning of December when I asked her father his permission and blessing. Yes, I know it’s old fashioned, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He did say yes, but with one condition… that there were no returns, refunds or exchanges. I told my parents on Christmas Eve of my plans and they were both overjoyed.

The big moment came around 6:45am Christmas morning. The last thing Jen opened was a card saying that there was one more gift for her to “find” and it was located somewhere on her parents Christmas tree (We were at her parents for the morning). While she was looking all over the tree for something we took the opportunity to clear the way for me to make my move. I came wandering over to give her some assistance when I gently turned her around and then gracefully took a knee, asked her to marry me, and opened the Amethyst and Diamond ring for her to see. She was stunned, tears started to flow freely, and she nodded yes (later confirmed verbally).

With the big question out of the way, now the planning has begun. So far we’ve set a date of April 28, 2012 and we’ve kicked around some other ideas. I’m sure the next sixteen months will go rather fast and be full of planning… which I’ll occasionally blog about.

Until later…

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