The Wedding Plans Have Begun!!

Jan 07

Well by now you all know Andrew and I set our wedding date (April 28, 2012) and the plans have already begun.  I spent an entire day with my mom and sister in law looking at wedding gowns online.  I didn’t realize there were THAT many options out there.  I even tried Cindy’s wedding gown on as a joke (I looked HORRIBLE in it!)  I’ve been looking at bridesmaid’s dresses, invitations and all kinds of other stuff.  I feel so overwhelmed at all the decisions that need to be made!  I never realized there was so much that went into planning a wedding.  I knew it would be a lot but this is CRAZY!  I’m already thinking about saying screw it and just elope.  I know this would sooo not go over with either of our families.  All I can say is thank god we have 16 months to plan this thing.  Andrew has decided that he will be doing the planning for most of the reception but the rest is up to me.  Thank god I have a lot of people to help me plan this.

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