Motorcycle Morons

Jul 06

Ok, I usually just rant and rave to family and friends but I feel the need to share this rant.  I’m all for all the signs and bumper stickers that remind us to watch out for motorcyclists but motorcyclists need to use the brains god gave them and if they can’t, stay the hell off of a bike.  Today on my way home from work, I was behind a car that was making a right turn.  Out of nowhere this guy on a “crotch rocket” comes flying up on my ass and flew past me in the other lane of travel in a no passing zone, going between me and some oncoming traffic.  He flew way ahead of me and I figured that was it.  WRONG!  I went through the light in Rossville and again this guy comes flying out of a parking lot and again up my ass and flies past me in between me and oncoming traffic.  I will admit that this time my hand flew out the window and gave him the good old one finger salute.  He got stuck behind some more cars which he eventually passed illegally and dangerously. (Where’s a cop when ya need one???)  I figured when I saw him heading into Dillsburg that would be the end of it since I was turning on Orbank Road instead of going through Dillsburg.  Again, I was WRONG!  I turned onto route 74 and was almost to the bridge going over the Yellow Breeches and the idiot passed me again on the bridge.  Now for those of you who don’t know this area, it can be a bit tricky.  Tractor trailers go extremely slow through this area because of the turns in the road at both ends of the bridge and they take up most of the bridge going across.  This jerk not only passed me on the bridge but had the car in the other lane not seen him and stopped before going across the bridge, it would’ve been ugly and he probably would’ve been killed since he wasn’t wearing a helmet.  After that close call, he went flying back another road and I didn’t see him again the rest of the way home.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with motorcycles or people who ride them.  I have several family members who ride.  I also have no problem with people who don’t wear helmets.  My theory is it’s their choice.  If they want to risk having their brains smeared all over the road, that’s their choice.  Just don’t go without one, get in an accident because you were driving like an ass and then try to sue me or your family sue me.  So, if you’re reading this and you ride PLEASE BE SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT!!!!  And if you can’t, STAY THE HELL OFF THE ROAD!!!!!!  Thank you for letting me rant.

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