Penn State Hershey Medical Billing Bullshit

Jul 11

What the Fuck? Penn State Medical Center and the University Physician’s Group in Camp Hill just lost my business and they can kiss my ass!!!!

They have the balls to charge me $123.00 to see the doctor for a minor medical issue in one of their offices and then send me an additional bill for $72.00 just for walking into the office. As it was explained to me by the billing specialist, Here’s how it’s broken down:

The $123.00 is for the following:

  1. The doctor walking into the room and saying good morning and looking me over.

The $72.00 is for the following:

  1. Talking to person sitting at the registration desk.
  2. The nurse taking my vitals.
  3. 2 rubber gloves the Dr used to poke at my leg.
  4. Talking to the person at checkout who graciously took my co-pay.

I have no problem with the total bill being $123.00, that I can handle… but that little extra $72.00 is total fucking bullshit which they call a “facilities fee”. I wish I could charge a client a total of $195.00 to sit in a small room before they actually get to see me, but that would end in the same way this is going to end. They can go to hell and shove that money up their ass.

Until Later…

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