A new update

Oct 05

Ok, so Andrew and I are both slacking  when it comes to posting updates.  I just realized I haven’t done an update since March.  It was a busy spring and summer.  In April, we welcomed a new addition to our family.  My cousin and his wife had their first child, the second grandson for my aunt.  In May we survived a tornado that knocked our power out for several days.  Our side of the building was unharmed but the other side had some.  Our upstairs neighbor on that side had his air conditioners ripped out of the windows and some siding was damaged from branches off the trees blown up between the houses.  The tree that I parked my car under came down ( I was kind of hoping it would land on my car so I could get a new one but it fell the opposite direction)  There was lots of flooding in the area and the night it happened, all the roads were closed.  There was no way in or out of Carlisle.  In June, Erick, Cindy, Andrew and I went camping at Raystown Lake.  We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.  We had a lakefront site and the view was fabulous.  We had a thunderstorm come through Saturday afternoon and we thought our tent was going to take flight.  Luckily it didn’t.  In July, Andrew and I spent July 4th weekend at my uncle’s cabin in Tioga County.  We relaxed, did some target shooting, had some campfires and again perfect weather until the day we came home.  The humidity went up and it was even worse when we came home.  August was pretty uneventful, hot humid weather and lots of time in front of the A/C.  September brought on the rain and I think the only good thing last month was my cousin Emily’s wedding over Labor Day weekend.  It made me realize how soon mine and Andrew’s wedding is.  I can’t believe we have less than 7 more months.  Time is flying.  Also in September, Andrew and I went fishing at Raystown Lake.  I caught a 15 lb. 36 inch striper.  Andrew got it on video and I thought my arm was going to fall off by the time I got it to the boat.  We ended up having to go to Wal-Mart to get a bigger cooler to bring it home.  We took it to Mom and Dad’s and Erick gutted it and grilled it.  It tasted so good.  Nothing else to report.  I know I need to do these updates a little more often.  I realized when I started this post that the last time I posted an update was in March.  I know we’ve both been slacking when it comes to the whole blog thing.  More updates later…

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