My Birthday, a busted knee and Valentine’s day

Feb 22

Just an update on everything going on right now.  Usually Andrew does a year in review post.  This year he forgot so I’m updating some things.  I know a lot of you have heard about Andrew’s accident and for those of you who didn’t here’s the story.  On February 9th (My 35th birthday) Andrew was walking into work.  If you remember, it was crappy out that day and a bit icy.  Andrew was walking on carpet and went to go down a hall and when he stepped onto the tile floor, he fell.  He dislocated his knee, fractured his kneecap and tore 1-3 of the 4 ligaments in his knee.  He’s not able to put any weight on his right leg at all and it’s in a brace.  He won’t be able to drive for awhile either.  I got the call at work around 7:50 in the morning.  I left work and my brother and I met him at the ER of Community General Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg.  They ended up admitting him just for 1 night of observation.  This ended up being a 5 day hospital stay.  On Tuesday February 14th, he was transported to HealthSouth in Mechanicsburg for some rehab because he wasn’t able to come home right away.  He’ll need to have surgery to repair the torn ligaments.  We don’t know when that will be yet.  He has to have an MRI to determine the extent of the damage to the ligaments and the doctors want to wait until the swelling goes down more.  He’s scheduled to come home from rehab on February 27th.  At this point, we think he’ll be home for a few weeks, have surgery and then back to rehab.  He’s been telling the physical therapists that he has to be able to dance by April 28th because he’s insisting on us having our first dance.  He’s hoping to be able to stand for the wedding but I don’t see that happening.  I have a feeling he’ll be getting married in a wheelchair.  His therapy is going really well and he’s been in good spirits.  I ended up having to quit my job so that I can be with him for therapy and care for him when he comes home.  We were planning on me quitting 2 weeks before the wedding and then getting another job after the wedding but things didn’t work that way.  I haven’t had much time to spend on the wedding with him in the hospital and rehab but when he comes home it’s back to work on that.  I’ll try to post more on how things are going with his knee.  Until later…

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