2012… A Look Back

Dec 31

I missed doing one of these last year so I decided to start early and take my time in crafting my words because I had one hell of a 2012, one which is certainly worth a review. I’ll call it my years of highs, lows, and an “extended vacation”. So, without further ado… onto my year in review!!!

My January started out just a normal month, Jennifer and I were in the final stages of planning our wedding at the end of April and all was going well. I was still going strong at CBC and all was looking up. In addition my personal business was going well, not a lot of movement but enough to keep me busy. I had switched hosting companies from one I had for almost a decade to a local company based right across the river in Harrisburg and it was one of the best decisions I made in a long time.

Then came February… The 1st 8 days were a continuation of January. Then came the 9th… a day which I’ll never forget. I had remembered the day before to email our local country radio station to have Jen’s 35th birthday announced for all to hear. I was running a bit late to work because of the weather and made sure she was listening to the radio a bit after 7am so she could hear what I had done. Fast Forward to about 7:30am and Jennifer is getting a phone call from one of my co-workers, not to wish her a Happy Birthday but to tell her I was laying on the floor outside the door to my office and an ambulance was on its way to take me to the hospital. Turns out I had slipped on the tile floor because of the ice melt my employer uses and my my right knee was dislocated, the Tibial Plateau was fractured and I had totally torn my ACL & LCL, partially torn my PCL and totally tore my hamstring above the bone. I was whisked away to Community General Osteopathic Hospital where I was for 5 days then I spent the next 3 weeks or so in HealthSouth, Mechanicsburg. During this time we made the decision that the wedding would go on as scheduled.

The beginning of March brought me coming home from rehab and the official determination of the torn ligaments via a MRI. I had my initial appointment with my Surgeon and finally had the major surgery on March 26th which, as I put it, put humpty dumpty back together again. I was back in Hershey for a few days then back in HealthSouth for a little less than 10 days.

The Month of April brought my 1st trip out of the house to Church on Easter and my birthday on the 11th. It also brought the 28th of April… The day I married the love of my life, my rock, and since the beginning of February, my personal care assistant. While I was married in a wheelchair we did walk out of the church side by side and we were able to get our 1st dance together. While we had a Honeymoon trip to Tioga county planned, we had to nix it due to my condition so our new honeymoon plans consisted of 3 days a week of Physical Therapy and a lot of sitting around the house.

May was a month of recovery and recuperating along with most of June. The end of June brought my second surgery to remove scar tissue which built up and was causing my knee not to flex to the degree the surgeon and myself were happy with.

July was a month of sorrow. We received word on the 1st of July that my Grandpa in Alaska had suffered a major stroke and there probably wasn’t much time left. My mother immediately headed to Fairbanks and the next day… July 2nd my Grandpa passed away at the age of 89. I returned to work on the 18th of July after spending about 5 1/2 months recovering from my injury.

The rest of the summer brought the same old, same old. More recovery on my part and the planning of our 1st vacation since my injury. Over the Labor Day holiday we spent 8 days at Jen’s Uncles cabin in Tioga County and had a well deserved mini honeymoon where we could relax and refresh from the past year.

September brought some unfortunate news for my Wife. She has had issues with her wrists for a long time and we finally got her an  appointment to get everything checked out. We were thinking it was a bad case of Carpal Tunnel, however we got news that it was actually Rheumatoid Arthritis.

October brought a second trip to the mountains. This time it was to Potter County and our friend Brandon’s Cabin. While it was only a long weekend, it was a necessary retreat and time to recharge.

November and December were pretty quiet. We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families and I’m looking for a great new year, however only time will tell.

Until Later…

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