Challenger 7, In Memory

Jan 28

Today, 27 years ago, at the time of this blog post, our nation as a whole lost 7 heros. It was at this time January 28, 1986 that the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into flight killing all 6 astronauts and 1 teacher on board. This post is in memory of them… Michael, Dick, Judith, Ronald, Ellison, Gregory, and Christa. As President Reagan said that...

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2013… A Look Forward

Jan 01

Ok, here is where I should be putting together a list of my New Years Resolutions and saying how I should blog more, but lets face it… I’m probably not going to keep most of my resolutions and as much as I try to blog more, other stuff will get in the way of me writing more. So, instead of a resolution I’m going to write up a short bucket list of what I want to...

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2012… A Look Back

Dec 31

I missed doing one of these last year so I decided to start early and take my time in crafting my words because I had one hell of a 2012, one which is certainly worth a review. I’ll call it my years of highs, lows, and an “extended vacation”. So, without further ado… onto my year in review!!! My January started out just a normal month, Jennifer and I were in the...

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Handicapped Accessible???

Sep 15

My accident on Feb 9, 2012 put me into a situation where I wasn’t totally prepared to be… Being handicapped in the eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During this time I’ve grown a new appreciation for anyone who is handicapped and has to go through this world of people who frankly just don’t understand. While my handicap is only temporary and hopefully I’ll...

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An eventful few months

Jul 15

Wow, where to begin about the past 5 1/2 months? It starts back on the early morning of Feb 9th, it was a snowy overnight and because of that my employer put out ice melt so the employees would be safe walking around outside. Unfortunately for me, that same ice melt which does so well outside isn’t so good on an interior tile floor. I entered the back of the...

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Have you ever thought about it?

Sep 29

Have you ever thought about what your life would have been like if you had made different choices when you were younger? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not second guessing anything I did or the choices I made to get me to this point in life. I love where I’m currently at in life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have a beautiful fiancé who in less then a year will be...

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