Turning over a new leaf…

Jul 22

A lifetime of unhealthy choices have culminated into pre-diabetes. I know I have no one to blame but myself. When I was a child, I was always the fat kid. As I grew into an adult, this didn’t change, I became a fat woman. I didn’t eat right, I didn’t exercise, I smoked, drank…well, you get the point. Over the past year, my health issues that...

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Jen’s New Year’s Post

Dec 31

Normally, Andrew does the “Year in Review” post and I check it out before it posts. Last year he was slacking so I did it. He did his post this year and I wasn’t going to post anything because he pretty much covered it all and what he didn’t cover in the most recent post, we covered in previous posts. Normally I’ll tell about the recent...

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My Birthday, a busted knee and Valentine’s day

Feb 22

Just an update on everything going on right now.  Usually Andrew does a year in review post.  This year he forgot so I’m updating some things.  I know a lot of you have heard about Andrew’s accident and for those of you who didn’t here’s the story.  On February 9th (My 35th birthday) Andrew was walking into work.  If you remember, it was...

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A new update

Oct 05

Ok, so Andrew and I are both slacking  when it comes to posting updates.  I just realized I haven’t done an update since March.  It was a busy spring and summer.  In April, we welcomed a new addition to our family.  My cousin and his wife had their first child, the second grandson for my aunt.  In May we survived a tornado that knocked our power out for...

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Motorcycle Morons

Jul 06

Ok, I usually just rant and rave to family and friends but I feel the need to share this rant.  I’m all for all the signs and bumper stickers that remind us to watch out for motorcyclists but motorcyclists need to use the brains god gave them and if they can’t, stay the hell off of a bike.  Today on my way home from work, I was behind a car that was...

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An update…I’m picking up Andrew’s slack

Mar 23

Ok, so one of Andrew’s “New Years Resolutions” was to blog more often.  He hasn’t blogged in like 2 months so I guess it’s up to me to pick up his slack.  Andrew, you’re a slacker!!!  lol  So, a lot has happened since I last did an entry.  I’ll start with January and work my way to the present.  January was good and bad.  We...

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